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48 unique icons launched on 15 million consumer PCs. All in a day's work.

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Rosetta Icon Design Group | HP Case Study

The Challenge

The specific challenge here was designing for a touchscreen monitor. The icon needs to be large enough to interact with a finger but small enough to serve as part of a greater interface. Since they’re viewed in close proximity, detail is critical for touchscreen icons.

HP The Challenge
HP The Process

The Process

Working hand-in-hand with HP, we identified the steps involved in the set-up and exploration of new HP computers then set out to create icons that would guide users through their new computers. Each icon started as a sketch and then was meticulously designed to get the kind of detail needed for a desktop and touchscreen device.

HP icons in action

See the Icons in Action

Once the icons were integrated with motion graphics and 3D rendering, the project came to life. Watch the Video