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Our Process.

Part research, part design and limitless imagination.

There's a method to the icon design madness. It starts with an inquiring mind and culminates in magic. Between the designers, the illustrators and the 3D artists an icon is created that's both functional, informative and aesthetically pleasing.


01. Discovery

After defining the goals and business requirements the team collaborates with the client to learn their likes and dislikes. We research important industry considerations and gather competitive insights, and of course we offer expertise and an understanding of best practices. The discovery process culminates in moodboards, sketches and/or color studies.

Discovery sketches

Sketches and Color Studies

View the sketches and mood boards that were created during the Discovery phase.

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02. Design

When the client and the icon design team are on the same page, when the mood has been established and the symbols or metaphors have been created, the team embarks on the design phase. This is where the concepts are translated into working icons. Illustrations and renders are created, refined, and then refined again before they are presented to the client.

Design concepts

Design Concepts

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03. Delivery

After the art is approved by the client the final icon can be delivered. The team determines file types, export sizes and compression methods which affects what different steps are needed for production.


04. Documentation

The final step - the Icon Styleguide. This document defines standards and helps clients create and use icons in the future, while maintaining their brand look and feel. This comprehensive document instructs clients on how to submit their icons to the various app stores, identify sizing parameters, and provide device and OS requirements.

Case Studies

HP Case Study

HP Total Care Setup & Advisor

When HP approached us for a family of icons to represent their single access point for PC system health checks and IT support services, we were thrilled to be able to help. View Case Study

Gun Club Case Study

Gun Club

When Gun Club came calling they asked us to create more than icons, they asked us to create badges that represented achievements for their thousands of loyal killing enthusiasts. View Case Study

VIZIO Case Study

VIZIO TV Interface

To represent the VIZIO idea that "everyone deserves to own the latest technology", Rosetta created 30 unique icons to guide users through the set up and usage of their VIZIO HDTVs. View Case Study